About Us

Welcome to SANBEI, the fastest growing mobile phone accessories retailer/distributor in the country

SANBEI Mobile Phone Accessories is one of the most promising mobile phone accessories retailer/distributor with 6 branches located in the south of England. Established in 2002, SANBEI Mobile Phone Accessories has over 10 years of experience dedicated to providing excellent customer service and advice, depending on individual customer needs.

Specialising in mobile phone repairs and unlocking, we are one of the leading UK mobile phone accessories retailer/distributors, providing a wide portfolio of mobile phone related products and bespoke service solutions at competitive prices. SANBEI also attracts a wide group of electronically savvy experts and individuals who have no experience but are keen to join our team and be trained to become skilled specialists.

Products : Mobile Phone Accessories

One of our many attributes is the wide variety of mobile phone accessories in which we supply. These products include anything from some of the following and many more!

  • Mobile Phone Housings/Fascias
  • In-car Chargers / Home Chargers
  • Batteries
  • Mobile Phone Hands-free
  • Bluetooth Headsets & Car-kits
  • In-Car Phone Cradles/Holders
  • Mobile Data Cables
  • Mobile Phone Cases/Pouches
  • Mobile Phone Neck/Wrist Straps

Mobile Phone Components/Repairs

Another attribute of our business is the repair and servicing of cellular-mobile phone components such as LCDs, Touch Screens, Speakers, Buzzer, Keypads, Lenses, Cameras, Microphones, connectors etc. In addition to that, we also sell specific tool kits used for repairing and changing of housings/fascias on mobile phones.

Mobile Phone SIM cards and International Calling Vouchers

We also retail a wide range of mobile phone SIM cards and international calling vouchers, suitable for use within the UK and internationally.

Technical Support & Services

In order to satisfy needs of individual clientele, SANBEI Mobile Phone Accessories takes pride in maintaining regular updating of technological support system, as well as ensuring all employees are trained with the latest technical support system. We are proud of our highly efficient workforce and most mobile phones repair and servicing takes place on the same day of collection. On average, we run on a 2 to 3 days turnover, from the time the mobile phone is collected and returned to the customer. Without compromising the quality of the repair work and service, we also offer an "urgent service" upon request, whereby the average turnover is 1 to 2 days. In general, most repair works are carried out on the premises to avoid delay and inconveniences for our customers.